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Restoring India's Endangered Aquatic Ecosystems
Modern human development has changed our planet in dramatic and fundamental ways. Eutrophication, pollution, and extinctions are the byproducts increasingly afflicting our water bodies. Randhawa Brosons is dedicated to returning the health to our planet's endangered aquatic ecosystems using organic scientifically proven methods and advanced technologies.

Randhawa Brosons, founded in 2006, has already been competitively selected to complete many bottom-fed water aeration and purification projects in India. With operations spanning from the high mountain waters of Lake Nainital in Uttarakhand to the arid beauty of Pushkar Sarovar in Rajasthan and the fertile banks of the Jamuna Jheel in Lucknow - we are ready to meet tomorrow's needs for water treatment and long term environmental sustainability today.
Pushkar Lake - fish kill before bioremediation
September 2008
Pushkar Lake - before bioremediation
September 2008
A Short Video on the history of our Lake Nainital solution
Pushkar - 69 days into aeration
January 2009

Nainital Lake - 4 years into bioremediation
August 2011

Nainital Lake - before bioremediation

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